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Staley Whiskey Hand Sanitizer

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** Each bottle is hand made, hand poured and packaged for you.** Style of bottle (color & cap type- spray or flip cap) will vary from order to order. Also, each batch is hand crafted from a different mash bill so the scent will vary as well.

Our small batch 4 oz. Hand Wash Sanitizer is a great way to help keep those germs at bay! Shake or spray on one hand, rub hands together and this alcohol-based sanitizer will feel nice to the touch leaving no sticky residue. 

W.H.O. approved hand sanitizer/rub formula for Distillers was used:


  • 83% Alcohol (160 proof)
  • 1.4% Glycerol
  • 4.0% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 11.6% Water